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Royal Copenhagen faience 2010 Plaquette Series


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Aluminia  Fajance 2010 Miniplatter

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THEME: Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience and art pottery Overview with images. Click on photo to see large image. (Copyright). 

RC issued a series of 3.25" diameter plaquettes that mostly feature scenes of Denmark. They were made of faience (earthenware) rather than porcelain, and transfer printed in traditional Copenhagen blue and white.  They have a pierced foot for hanging and most are marked with the series number 2010 and the number of the scene depicted on that particular plaquette. These plaquettes are no longer distributed in the US. Their last US list price was $15 each.  Like all Royal Copenhagen faience, the earlier plaquettes bear the Royal Copenhagen modified beehive mark (actually a capital "A" representing the Aluminia Factory with the cross strokes made up of three wavy lines for Royal Copenhagen). After 1969, all RC faience carried the same mark as their porcelain: a crown surrounded by the words "Royal Copenhagen Denmark".  

A small hard-cover book (8.75" by 5.5") entitled The Danish Royal Copenhagen Plaquettes: 2010 Series was written by Earl Nelson Newman and privately printed in 1973. It contains pictures and descriptions of plaquettes #1 through #85, plus the special collections that were issued featuring six  American Presidents, six zoo animals, and six antique autos. Additional scenes have been issued since then and an unknown number of scenes were issued and discontinued before the current numbering system began.  Among those was a special issue for the 1939 New York World's Fair. Jamiri.dk

TEMA:  Aluminia Fajance og kunststengods . Oversigt med billeder - klik på billedet for at se større billede. (Copyright

BOOKS: Christmas Plates from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl by Lars Christoffersen

Link: Aluminia Royal Copenhagen art faience for sale - our current stock

Link: Aluminia Kunstfajance - til salg - se beholdning

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2010-1 Rosenberg Castle (Rosenborg Slot) 2010-2 Little Mermaid (Langelinie 2010-3 Winter Landscape (Vinterlandskab)  2010-4 Barrows (Kæmpehøj)  2010-5 Kronborg Castle (Kronborg Slot 2010-6 Frederiksborg Castle (Frederiksborg Slot) 2010-7 Osterlars Church (Østerlars Kirke
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2010-8 The Round Tower (Rundetårn 2010-9 Maribo Cathedral (Maribo Domkirke)   2010-10 Our Savior's Church (Vor Frelsers Kirke 2010-11 Church Tower at Hvidovre (Hvidovre Kirketårn) 2010-12 Dybbol Mill (Dybbøl Mølle 2010-13 Amalienborg Palace (Amalienborg slot 2010-14 Copenhagen Borse (Børsen
RCP2010-15a.jpg (40148 byte) RCP2010-16a.jpg (39484 byte) RCP2010-17a.jpg (42715 byte) RCP2010-18b.jpg (45027 byte) RCP2010-19a.jpg (40962 byte) RCP2010-20a.jpg (44626 byte) RCP2010-21a.jpg (50162 byte)
2010-15 Copenhagen Town Hall (Københavns Raadhus

2010-16 H.C. Andersen's House, Odense (H.C. Andersens Hus, Odense)

2010-17  Frederiksberg Church (Frederiksberg Kirke)

2010-18 Rebild Hills (Rebild bakker 2010-19 Viborg Cathedral (Viborg Domkirke 2010-20 Little Belt Bridge (Lillebæltsbroen

2010-21 Fårevejle Church (Fårevejle Kirke)

RCP2010-22a.jpg (42684 byte) RCP2010-23a.jpg (47669 byte) RCP2010-24a.jpg (41326 byte) RCP2010-25a.jpg (38427 byte) RCP2010-26a.jpg (41067 byte) RCP2010-27a.jpg (37183 byte) RCP2010-28a.jpg (45553 byte)
2010-22 Roskilde Cathedral (Roskilde domkirke 2010-23 Old Town, Aarhus (Den gamle by Aarhus 2010-24 Jens Bang's Stone House (Jens Bangs Stenhus, Aalborg) 

2010-25 Hermitage Castle (Eremitage Slottet)


2010-26 Goose Tower (Gaasetaarnet i Vordingborg 2010-27 Randers Town Hall (Randers Raadhus, Niels Ebbesens Statue)  2010-28 Watchman Square in Aabenraa (Vægter Pladsen, Aabenraa
RCP2010-29a.jpg (50832 byte) RCP2010-30a.jpg (45232 byte) RCP2010-31a.jpg (36807 byte) RCP2010-32a.jpg (42156 byte) RCP2010-33a.jpg (39563 byte) RCP2010-34a.jpg (46435 byte) 35-2010.jpg (54643 byte)
2010-29 Ribe Cathedral (Ribe Domkirke) 2010-30 Fredensborg Castle (Fredensborg Slot 2010-31 Fano island (Fanø 2010-32 Tivoli gate (Tivoli 2010-33 Grundtvig's Church (Grundtvig's Kirken) 2010-34 Marble Church (Marmorkirken) 2010-35 6 Amager Square, Copenhagen (Amager Torv 6, København)
RCP2010-36a.jpg (42443 byte) RCP2010-37a.jpg (39053 byte) RCP2010-38a.jpg (42954 byte) RCP2010-39a.jpg (50409 byte) RCP2010-40a.jpg (39971 byte) RCP2010-41a.jpg (39492 byte) RCP2010-42a.jpg (42844 byte)
2010-36 Gefion Fountain (Gefion Springvandet) 2010-37 Summer Spire Cliff of Moen (Sommer Spiret, Møns Klint) 2010-38 Koldinghus Castle (Koldinghus Slot) 2010-39 Svendborg Harbor (Svendborg Havn)


2010-40 Haderslev Cathedral (Haderslev Domkirke) 2010-41 Peasant Soldier of Fredericia (Landsoldaten, Fredericia) 2010-42 Frederiksborg Castle (Frederiksborg Slot)
RCP2010-43a.jpg (42941 byte) RCP2010-44a.jpg (39911 byte) RCP2010-45a.jpg (45447 byte) RCP2010-46a.jpg (41816 byte) RCP2010-47a.jpg (38740 byte) RCP2010-48a.jpg (48567 byte) RCP2010-49a.jpg (46358 byte)
2010-43 On the Lookout for Father in Greenland (På udkig efter Får Grønland) 2010-44 Dogsled in Greenland (Hundeslæde, Grønland) 2010-45 Fish Market on the Old Beach in Copenhagen (Fisketorvet Gammel strand, København) 2010-46 King’s Lifeguards (Den kongelige livgarde) 2010-47 Flowers Sellers (Blomstertorvet Højbroplads) 2010-48 Hans Christian Andersen in Kings Gardens (Hans Christian Andersen Kongens Have) 2010-49 Storks Nesting (Storkerede)
RCP2010-50a.jpg (44660 byte) RCP2010-51a.jpg (39047 byte) RCP2010-52a.jpg (43085 byte) RCP2010-53a.jpg (39047 byte) RCP2010-54a.jpg (45651 byte) RCP1010-55a.jpg (83062 byte) RCP2010-56a.jpg (45673 byte)
2010-50 Kalundborg Church (Kalundborg Kirke) 2010-51 Christian X Equestrian Statue by Sculptor Kvederis (Nakskov, Chr. Xs Rytterstatue, Sklp. Kvederis) 2010-52 Graasten Castle (Gråsten Slot) 2010-53 Kings Yacht in Copenhagen Harbour (Kongeskibet I, Københavns Havn) 2010-54 Water Tower, Esbjerg (Vandtårnet, Esbjerg) 2010-55 Commemorative Anchor, New Harbor (Mindesmaerket, Nyhavn) 2010-56 Nyborg Castle (Nyborg Slot)
RCP2010-57a.jpg (44640 byte) RCP2010-58a.jpg (40021 byte) RCP2010-59a.jpg (48995 byte) RCP2010-60a.jpg (37166 byte) RCP2010-61a.jpg (43722 byte) RCP2010-62a.jpg (37191 byte) RCP2010-63a.jpg (45001 byte)
2010-57 Gudhjem (Gudhjem) 2010-58 Soro Academy (Sorø Akademi) 2010-59 House of Czar in Nykoebing, Falster ( Czarens Hus, Nykåbing, Falster) 2010-60 Aarhus Town Hall (Århus Rådhus) 2010-61 The Kings New Square (Kongens Nytorv) 2010-62 Danish Ferryboat (Dansk Færge) 2010-63 Dragor, Amager (Dragør, Amager)
RCP2010-64a.jpg (52024 byte) RCP2010-65a.jpg (40344 byte) RCP2010-66a.jpg (42789 byte) RCP2010-67a.jpg (39139 byte) RCP2010-68a.jpg (53630 byte) RCP2010-69a.jpg (43275 byte) RCP2010-70a.jpg (38299 byte)
2010-64 Danish Landscape (Dansk Landskab) 2010-65 Sonderborg Castle (Sønderborg Slot) 2010-66 Tonder Church (Tønder Kirke) 2010-67 Saint Buddolfi Church in Aalborg (Buddolfi Kirke, Ålborg) 2010-68 Koge Church (Køge Kirke) 2010-69 Changing of the Guard (Vagtparaden) 2010-70 Christiansborg Palace (Christiansborg Slot)

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TEMA:  Aluminia Fajance og kunststengods . Oversigt med billeder - klik på billedet for at se større billede. (Copyright THEME: Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience and art pottery Overview with images. Click on photo to see large image. (Copyright).

Link: Aluminia Kunstfajance - til salg - se beholdning

Link: Aluminia Royal Copenhagen art faience for sale - our current stock

Link: Aluminia børnehjælpsdagsfigurer og andre figurer til salg - se beholdning

Link: Aluminia Royal Copenhagen Child Welfare and other figurines for sale - our current stock

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