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Aluminia - Royal Copenhagen  Faience



AluminiaTrekantetSkilt.jpg (90467 byte)

Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faience Marks and Dating codes

Aluminia1944CousinAmager2328.jpg (130133 byte)
Aluminia dating code from 1935 - 1969 above Impressed marks from 1863 Printed marks from 1866 - 1969 Aluminia Artist signatures
Hand painted marks Stoneware and oven proof markings The dating mark after 1969 follows Royal Copenhagen items Bing & Grondahl  factory marks 1853 to 2003.

Aluminia dating code from 1935 - 1969

Used on items with decoration under the glaze

A bar above a letter in Denmark A bar below a letter in Denmark A (u) above a letter in Denmark A (u) below a letter in Denmark A (x) below a letter in Denmark
D 1935 D 1942 D 1949 D 1956 D 1963
E 1936 E 1943 E 1950 E 1957 E 1964
N 1937 N 1944 N 1951 N 1958 N 1965
M 1938 M 1945 M 1952 M 1959 M 1966
A 1939 A 1946 A 1953 A 1960 A 1967
R 1940 R 1947 R 1954 R 1961 R 1968
K 1941 K 1948 K 1955 K 1962 K 1969


The Aluminia Faience factory date its history to the year 1862 founded by August Schiøttt (1834 - 1863). In 1868 Philip Schou took over the factory and moved the production to Frederiksberg. In 1882 he bought the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory and the two companies merged to one. The production of faience lived its own quite life in the shadow of the blooming interest for industrial production of porcelain at Royal Copenhagen. But the period from 1901 - 1928 became a new period of success under the artistic input from  Chr. Joachim (1870-1943) and Harald Slott-Møller (1864-1937). They crated the important works of Danish Skonvirke in the coloristic Art faience of Aluminia. Later Nils Thorsson took the manufactory into the new and final era in the period 1928-1969. AluminiaTrekantetSkilt.jpg (90467 byte)
Porcelænsmærker på Bing & Grøndahl figurer, spisestel og samlerartikler fra 1853 to 2003 B&G  RCIkon.jpg (94364 byte) Stempler og mærker fra Den Kongelige Porcelænsfabrik Kunstner-signaturer fra Aluminia - Kbh.'s Fajancefabrik

Bing and Grondahl Backstamps-hallmarks or factory marks 1853 to 2003.  Dating Royal Copenhagen - marking system for figurines and collectibles Dating marks, artist signatures and monograms from Royal Copenhagen Faience - Aluminia


A. Impressed marks

 1. August Schiøtts own mark. AS. The very early years around 1863 AluminiaASKjoebenhavn-1.jpg (21678 byte)  2. AS Aluminia. The factory mark from 1864 - 1920. Different sizes
 3. Aluminia. Factory  mark from 1870 - 1920

Dating system with numbers around the two marks 2. and 3.

KF. Effective in 1920 the company changed its name to Københavns Fajancefabrik (The faience manufactory of Copenhagen)  Aluminia-KF-4.jpg (42762 byte)
 4. KF in oval, used 1920 - 1923 in normal faience mass.  

 5. KF in oblong, used 1920-1923 in the best mass.

6. Triangular stamp with the letter "T" (for Tranquebar) used 1920 - 1958 in Tranquebar faience. Trankebar Aluminia-T-6.jpg (34661 byte) 7. KF in a circle, used 1923 -24 in normal faience quality  
 8. KF in a square, used 1923 - 1924 in the best quality faience mass and in Art faience, also 1925 - 1926 in Tranquebar faience (together with # 6) AluminiaFajanceKF.jpg (46381 byte)  9. KF in a square without corners, used for normal quality faience  
10.K in a square, used 1924 -1926 in best quality and art faience Aluminia-K-5.jpg (39449 byte)    

B. Printed marks

Used as copperplate transfer print and a rubber stamp

11. Aluminia Kjøbenhavn. Copperplate blue/Black factory mark used on Danzigplate with the Bouquet 1866-1869 Aluminia-Kjoebenhavn-8.jpg (86667 byte) 12. Aluminia Kjøbenhavn. Copperplate grey/blue factory mark used for Albert plates "Kronprinds" 1868-1901 Aluminia Kjøbenhavn
13. Aluminia. Copperplate grey/blue factory mark used on the Albert pattern with Achilles decoration 1882 -1892 Aluminia-Pitcher-7.jpg (47166 byte) 14. Aluminia 1888. Copperplate factory mark used 1888 on an exhibition item Aluminia188.jpg (65801 byte)
15. 1922 the rubber stamp "Københavns Fajance Fabrik Danmark" (The Faience manufactory of Copenhagen: It is seen in different sizes. As a rule it is black but is also found as blue or brown. Used until 1933 KBHFajancefabrika.jpg (63381 byte) 16. In 1933 they returned to the Aluminia mark. Used as a rubber stamp green "A with the three wavy lines and nothing else
17. In 1934 DENMARK was added to the Aluminia mark, Green but also found in black and brown. Please see the dating code from 1935 - 1969 above RCAluminiaCat.jpg (12403 byte) 18. In 1969 the Aluminia name was changed to Royal Copenhagen Denmark with the three wavy lines and the word Fajance (Faience). The dating mark on the stamps after 1969 follows the same as other Royal Copenhagen items
19. Copperplate Lilla decoration marking used at the Alexandra pattern 1867-1917RCaluAlexandra1.jpg (20366 byte) RCaluAlexandra.jpg (41657 byte) 20. Copperplate decoration markings used 1876-1880 on the Royal/plain dinnerware pattern Fortuna. Inspired by the English Order of  the Garter Aluminia-Fortuna-11.jpg (63116 byte)
21. Copperplate brown decoration markings used for the Firenze decoration 1878-1982 Aluminia-Firenze.jpg (20032 byte) 22. Copperplate green decoration mark for the Geranium pattern 1880-1924

23. Ceramia. Copperplated bluish gray decoration mark for Ceramia 1882 - 1890 Inspired by the English Order of  the Garter Fabriken-AluminiaCeramia.jpg (21966 byte) 24. Copperplated green decoration markings for Here 1882-1924

Aluminia-Here-9.jpg (90778 byte)

25. Copperplate decoration markings for the water pattern with decorations Funen and Jutlan (Fyn & Jylland) Aluminia-Fyn.jpg (9673 byte) 26. Siam. Copper plated green mark for the decoration SIam 1901 -1908

Aluminia_Siam.jpg (23117 byte)

27. Copenhagen Denmark. The first decoration mark with green rubberstamp came in 1906 - was first intended for the art faience, which then was being exported. From 1913 it was also used at air painted faience AluminaiCOpenhagenDenmark.jpg (27409 byte) 28.Printed, green rubberstamped decoration mark from 1919: Eremitage Köbenhavn: In addition a handpainted number from the special numbering system of the Eremitage series 

Aluminia-Eremitage.jpg (48770 byte)

29. Marselis from 1952 by Thorsson without year marking. Variable sizes AluminiaMarselis.jpg (10977 byte) 30. Veronica from 1956 by Thorkild Olsen

AluminiaVeronicaKlit.jpg (21856 byte)

31. Columbine from 1957 by Nils Torsson. The year marking in the example to the right show 1958 according to the list above AluminiaColumbine.jpg (19645 byte) Child welfare Days figurines designed by Herluf Jensenius and  Hans Henrik Hansen. 1941-1965

RCA-Columbine-1952.jpg (43682 byte)

Hand painted marks

32. Hand painted marking started on colored art faience in 1901-1902. The figure above shows the development of the mark from 1901 - 1906. It started with the Beehive mark and a number. The Beehive mark was the A from Aluminia and the thee wavy lines from  Royal Copenhagen. This hand painted A was used in the period 1901 - 1933.  A decoration number was added starting with # 1. The artist signature was given with Roman numerals first, later with a painter number in Arabic numbers and finally the monogram in letters. In 1903 a model or form number was in use - so you had the decoration # over the line and the form # under the line. In 1906 Copenhagen Denmark was added because of international export.
The # marking of the early art faience 1903-1930. The # above the line shows the # of decoration. The # below the line tells the form and year RCA201-1075.jpg (57439 byte)
100-150 = 1903 401-500 = 1906 601-650 = 1909 731-760 = 1912 861-920 = 1915 1021-1100 = 1918
151-250 = 1904 501-550 = 1907 651-690 = 1910 761-800 = 1913 921-960 = 1916 1101-1200 = 1919
251-400 = 1905 551-600 = 1908 691-730 = 1911 801-860 = 1914 961-1020 = 1917 1200-1500 = 1920-1930

RCA226-311ESc.jpg (53504 byte)

  RCA650-558.jpg (51573 byte)
    Joakim Petersen - Later Chr. Joakim Aluminia-Joakim-Petersen-14.jpg (46236 byte)

Air painted Faience

33. A with three vawy line.. From 1913 a green stamped beehive Aluminia mark was used for air painted faience. The Irma vase and early jam boxes   34. David Metz Kjöbenhavn. A tea box from the David Metz company had its own mark AluminiaDavidMetz.jpg (56767 byte)
35. From 1915 Tidemands Jam boxes got a special mark used until 1938 in different variations AluminiaJulen1922.jpg (49355 byte) 36. A Chocolate cup from Toms from 1928 had its own mark

Tom's Chocolate 


RCBacaSign.jpg (38785 byte) RCFBacaJohanneGerber780-288Bab.jpg (18626 byte) RCTenera.jpg (49598 byte)  

Baca - Aluminia for sale

Tenera - Aluminia for sale

Porcelain markings

37. Jernporcelain Københavns Porcelains Fabrik Danmark. Used 1925-.1928 on iron porcelain 38. Københavns Porcelains Fabrik Danmark. Used 1927-1928 on soft porcelain
39. Blue circle with three wavy lines. Used 1928-1956 on iron porcelain and soft porcelain in different sizes. The mark on the left is on a crackle dog figurine. RCF68-97.jpg (32175 byte)RCF68-97a.jpg (18092 byte) 40. København Danmark. Used together with # 39 on soft porcelain

Stoneware and oven proof markings

41. The jungle series made of firebrick came in in  1931 and was marked with the three wavy lines as Royal Copenhagen stoneware. The decoration numbering from the Jungle stoneware  5001-5038. The form numbers from 5001 - 5033. The vase on the right side has decoration # 5036 and form # 5031,


Other decoration of turquoise had the decoration numbers from #6000 - #6016

RCV5036-5031EJ.jpg (57008 byte)RCV5036-5031EJa.jpg (131714 byte)

RCA-ellen-malmea.jpg (76541 byte)

42. Ovenproof ceramic 1957 - 1969 like Pyrolin, Hotelin and Variant. Also used for art pottery from Johannes Hedegaard RCA159-2897JH.jpg (39544 byte)RCA159-2897JHa.jpg (107573 byte)

Based upon and translated from

Leif Bering Mikkelsen. Aluminia Fajance 1862 -1969

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S. E. Vingedal Porslinsmärken - 

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Aluminia Fajance Trankebar spise- og kaffestel Aluminia Børnehjælpsfigurer - Børnehjælpsdagsfigurer Aluminia Spise- og kaffestel til salg

Johannes Hedegaard 1915-1999

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