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Dating Royal Copenhagen - marking system figurines and collectibles


Dating Bing & Grondahl by factory marks 1853 to 2003


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Figurer-Kgl. Royal Copenhagen
Figurer B&G Bing & Grøndahl
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Spisestel Kgl. Porcelæn
Spisestel-B&G Bing&Grøndahl
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Billedkunst: Malerier, Grafik
Bronze, kobber, tin m.m.




BGC1930a.jpg (17299 byte)

B&G Backstamps or factory marks 1853 to 2009 

Bing & Grondahl


Bing & Grøndahl porcelænsmærker 1853 to 2009 

BGT1983 -1989b.jpg (33119 byte)

THEME: It is possible to date pieces from Bing & Grondahl porcelain looking at the factory mark at the base. B & G, Bing & Grondahl refer to the founders: Fred. Vilh. Grøndahl (1819-1856), technical director; the brothers M.H. Bing (1819 - 1883) and J.H. Bing (1811 -1896) as economical directors. The three tower in the hallmark comes from the City Coat of Arms of Copenhagen.  Please help us if you can with images and information. Overview with images. Click on photo to see large image. (Copyright).  TEMA: Denne side har en søsterside på dansk med porcelænsstemplerne fra Bing & Grøndahl - hvor en del af de samme oplysninger findes med dansk tekst. Link til B&G porcelænsmærker og datering mm.  Oversigt med billeder - klik på billedet for at se større billede. (Copyright
Link: B&G figurines for sale - our current stock Link: Bing & Grøndahl figurer til salg - se beholdning
Appraisal: Value estimation for your Danish porcelain and china Ønsker De at sælge? Om salg til Jamer Antik
Chronology of B&G marks Marks on B&G porcelain tableware Marks on B&G, Kronjyden stoneware tableware Signatures of B&G signing artists  Variations B&G marks 1st or 2nd Quality Artist list Copenhagen porcelain 1890s and forward
1853-1894   1895-1897 1898 1899-1901 1902-1914 1914-1915  1915-1947 
1948-1951 1952-1958       1958-1962 1962-1970 1970-1983  1983- Notes *


Dating B&G following the Chronology of B&G Marks

FrontCoverPope2.jpg (19915 byte)

BGT1853-1895.jpg (7918 byte)

BGT1895-1897aa.jpg (7246 byte)

BGT1898.jpg (16915 byte) BGT1898-1899.jpg (17876 byte)  BGT1902-1914a.jpg (23091 byte)


B&G (Blue)


Danish China Works Copenhagen (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G Copenhagen Danish China Works (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G  Kjøbenhavn Danish China Works (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G Kjøbenhavn, Made in Denmark (Green), B&G (Blue)

BGT1914-1915a.jpg (20273 byte) BGC1930a.jpg (17299 byte) BGT1915-1948b.jpg (26165 byte)BGT1948-1952b.jpg (22025 byte)

BGT1952-1958a.jpg (25111 byte)

BGT1958-1962b.jpg (24012 byte)


B&G Kjøbenhavn, Copenhagen (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G Kjøbenhavn Danmark (Green) B&G (Blue); The J in Kjøbenhavn is flush with the other letters.


B&G Kjøbenhavn Danmark B&G (Green) or B.& G. (Blue. The J in Kjøbenhavn extends below the line.

1952 -1957

B&G Kjøbenhavn  Made in Denmark (Green)

1958 -1962

B&G Kjøbenhavn Danmark  Made in Denmark (Green)

BGT1963.jpg (12168 byte)

BGT1966.jpg (24427 byte)

BGT1970-1983b.jpg (19005 byte)

BGT1983 -1989b.jpg (33119 byte)   BGStonewarepre1970.jpg (24262 byte)


B&G Kjøbenhavn Denmark  (Made in Denmark) (Green)


3 towers B&G Copenhagen Porcelain Made in Denmark (Green)

1983 -

3 towers B&G Copenhagen Porcelain Bing & Grøndahl Denmark (Green or brown)

1983 -

Still seen on plates, year figurines and collectibles and dinner service, which is continued as B&G after the merge with Royal Copenhagen in 1987

B&G Mark on Stoneware before 1970 above and 1970 - 1983 below

  BGStoneware.jpg (22846 byte)

1853-1894   1895-1897 1898 1899-1901 1902-1914 1914-1915  1915-1947 
1948-1951 1952-1958       1958-1962 1962-1970 1970-1983  1983- Notes *

The above list is based primarily on Christmas Plates*. There might be an uncertainty of one year, when it change to a new back stamp. Also I found that at least on Christmas plates in the 1960s there seems to be some mix up of the back stamps. On figurines with less room for the stamp - the different partial markings make it even harder to date the pieces.  Please email your comments, questions, suggestions and corrections.


BG1856.jpg (99368 byte) BG2084Bloodhound.jpg (124393 byte)  bg1723c.JPG (23791 byte)   BGT1952-1958b.jpg (14901 byte) 
On smaller items like animals and birds, there will not always be room for the the three Royal  Towers - they will be marked B&G in blue and the stoneware in black. Dating is more unsure, but the use of color, size of B&G will as a rule follow the above At standing animals the mark can be separately found under two different legs Most likely 1915-1947     1895-1897 Artist list Copenhagen porcelain and art pottery from 1890s and forward    
BGYeardog1993.jpg (13697 byte) BG2254.jpg (151434 byte) BGBisquitMark.jpg (13508 byte) BGStonewarepre1970.jpg (24262 byte) BGStoneware.jpg (22846 byte)
Annual item continuing after 1987 "Kun til dekoration - må ikke sælges" In Danish it says "Only for decoration, not for sale" These items were lend out to dealers or exhibitions. In trade on the 2ndary market it makes no difference if the figurine is mint. Bisquit items have sometime B&G and the three royal towers impressed "Eneret"

B&G Stamp on stoneware figurines and art pottery before 1970 B&G Stamp on stoneware figurines and art pottery after 1970
BGRedHoveddepot.jpg (10698 byte) 

BGRedHoveddepot1.jpg (13929 byte)

N-Kobenhavn-B&G.jpg (15506 byte) BG-Decor-Monsterbeskyttet.jpg (16593 byte) BGThirEneforhandlerFolmerHansen.jpg (28230 byte)
  Hoveddepot Norden København B&G Decor - Mønsterbeskyttet Eneforhandling Volmer Hansen Aarhus



Dinnerware B&G

When the industrial production of the B&G dinnerware reach a certain level, a marking system was invented. The other great Copenhagen manufactory Royal Copenhagen had a system for each pattern: the pattern name had a number at the series of items in that particular pattern had another number. At B&G there is not shown pattern numbers, but each item has a number, which is the same at all pattern for the same kind of item. A coffee cup may have number 102 in most different patterns. Easy to work with if it wasn't for the possibility for different numbers on the same items: Most old numbers goes from 1- 300,  new numbers starting with 300 and finally Royal Copenhagen numbers after the merge in 1988.  An attempt to make a complete B&G dinnerware item list is found here with Seagull as the ongoing example: B&G Seagull items overview

BG040Sommerfugl.jpg (107367 byte) BG10-257HvidOffenbacha.jpg (149940 byte) BG102GlKaktus028ADecore.jpg (29149 byte) BG101Orkide.jpg (111534 byte) N-Kobenhavn-B&G.jpg (15506 byte)
Overall picture is that the dating mark above also apply to dinnerware # 102 is the marking for both cup and saucer Early special pieces - like a coffee pot with special design were marked B&G: DECOR - Mønsterbeskyttet (Pattern Copyright) Some of the tableware patterns were sold in a supermarket company FDB, which marked its item: F.D.B. Decor - Eneret (Copyright) "NORDEN" A B&G Daughter company handling utensil porcelain and everyday ware


BG305Tema.jpg (139158 byte)

Stoneware - tableware Kronjyden, Nissen and B&G

Bing & Grondahl


B &G Stentøjsstel fra Kronjyden, Nissen i Randers 

BG305RuneKaffea.jpg (131369 byte)

THEME: In 1972 Bing & Grondahl took over Kronjyden / Nissen,  a stoneware and faience manufactory in Randers since 1937. In 1957 Kronjyden initiated a stoneware production in cooperation with the designer J. H. Quistgaard (1919-1987) and his company “Danish Design”, starting with Flamestone and followed by Relief. Together with the new patterns from the 1960’s like Azur, Rune and Cordial, it became a successful business both for export and the home market. In the early 1970s when B&G took over, the pattern Tema became the most sold tableware in Denmark. On the same form #38 as Tema decorations like Mexico and Columbia followed together with Peru on form 45, and Coppelia, form 46. In the 1980s patterns like Café and Camelia were so fine that they could be called porcelain, but the general interest in stoneware were declining and in 1988 Kronjyden in Randers were closed. Peru, Relief, Rune, Tema and Mexico was continued for a period at Royal Copenhagen as an replacement pattern. TEMA:  I 1972 overtog B&G fabrikken Kronjyden / Nissen som var en stentøjs- og fajancefabrik i Randers siden 1937. I 1957 påbegyndte Kronjyden en produktion af stentøjsstel i samarbejde med designeren J.H. Quistgaard (1919-1987) og dennes firma "Dansk Design": Først Flamestone og siden Relief; efterfulgt i 1960erne af Azur, Rune og Cordial. Dette blev en succes både på eksport- og hjemmemarkedet. I begyndelsen af 1970erne da B&G overtog fabrikken, blev Tema det mest solgte spisestel i Danmark. På den samme form som Tema nr. 38 skabtes dekorationer som Mexico og Columbia, efterfulgt af Peru på form nr. 45 og Coppelia på form nr. 46. I 1980erne mønstre som Cafe og Camelia var så fint stentøj at det nærmede sig porcelæn i kvaliteten. Interessen for stentøjsstel var faldende og i 1988 blev produktionen i Randers lukket. Peru, Relief, Rune, Tema og Mexico blev fortsat en periode som suppleringsstel hos Royal Copenhagen . Oversigt med billeder - klik på billedet for at se større billede. (Copyright
Link: B&G Stoneware Tableware for sale Link: B&G Stentøjsstel til salg - med priser
Appraisal: Value estimation for your Danish porcelain and china Ønsker De at sælge? Om salg til Jamer Antik
BG405ReliefCaserolea.jpg (131385 byte) BG442ReliefMilkMark.jpg (156636 byte) BGLysestager11x3.5cmKronjyden.jpg (134557 byte) BGKronjydenMark.jpg (72335 byte)
Unstamped: Especially early Konjyden pieces Black sticker: Kronjyden Randers Stentøj (Stoneware) Logo: Pottery in the fire and a crown made of bricks. Red sticker: Kronjyden Danmark. Logo: Shield with a laying "K" and "JJ" Kronjyden logo 
BGKopogunderkopReliefNissenb.jpg (146104 byte) BGReliefStonewareMark.jpg (93235 byte) BG324Tema29,5cm.jpg (140569 byte) BGKronjydenDanmark.jpg (87208 byte)
Nissen Denmark; The Kronjyden logo and the Nissen logo and name of the pattern: Relief B&G Copenhagen porcelain - made in Denmark - Stoneware + the name of the pattern: Relief B&G Copenhagen porcelain - made in Denmark - Stoneware + the name of the pattern: Tema. And number of the item Danmark Kronjyden and logo 
BG495ColumbiaMug.jpg (204008 byte) BG332Cordiala.jpg (160538 byte) QuistgaardFlamestoneKagefad.jpg (27443 byte) QuistgaardFlamestoneTekande.jpg (106392 byte)
Copenhagen Stoneware Bing & Grøndahl, Denmark and number of the item:  Copenhagen Porcelain Bing and Grondahl Cordial Stoneware Dansk Design Denmark IHQ on Flamestone Dansk Design Denmark IHQ


BGGauguinb.jpg (41732 byte)

Stoneware and art pottery - signing artist at B&G

Bing & Grondahl


Signaturer fra B&G kunstnere 

BG7007Kotto.jpg (129734 byte)

Link: Modern B&G Art Pottery Link: Stentøj og kunstkeramik fra B&G
Appraisal: Value estimation for your Danish porcelain and china Ønsker De at sælge? Om salg til Jamer Antik
BGAndersBjergborg.jpg (108130 byte) BG-M4-TutFog.jpg (73343 byte)   BG7007Kotto.jpg (129734 byte)  
Anders Bjergborg  (AHB)

(1928) Ceramicist. At Bing & Grondahl 1949-1963

Tut Fog (TF.)

Ester (Tut) Fog Rostrup (1907 ) Ceramicist. At B&G from 1947

Søren Georg Jensen (SGJ)

Søren Georg Jensen (1917-1982) Ceramicist. At B&G 1962 -

Karl Otto Johansen (K. Otto)

Karl Otto Johansen (1918) Sculptor. At B&G 1960 - 

Henning Koppel (HK)

Henning Koppel 1918-1981 Designer. Associated with B&G since 1961

  BGSteenLykkeMarkreliefa.jpg (167742 byte)   BGGudrunMeedom.jpg (53915 byte) BG5753LM-POXBlood.jpg (178571 byte)
Therese Lucheschitz (TL)

Therese Maria Lucheschitz Jensen (1896-1985) Sculptor. At B&G from 1946

Sten Lykke Madsen (Sten)

Sten Lykke Madsen (1937) Ceramicist. Associated with B&G since 1962. Modern sculptures

Erik Magnussen (EM)

Erik Magnussen (1940 ) Ceramicist. Associated with B&G since 1962

Gudrun Meedom (GMEE)

Gudrun Meedom Bæch (1915) At B&G 1946-53 and from 1961

Lisbet Munch-Petersen L M-P

Lisbet Munch-Petersen (1909 - 1997) Ceramicist. Associated with B&G 1961-1966

BGLisbethMunch-Petersen.jpg (70860 byte) 

BG722ValdemarPedersen.jpg (189740 byte)

  BGS7020AJ.jpg (80746 byte) BGGauguinb.jpg (41732 byte)
Ursula Munch-Petersen (U M-P)

Ursula Birgitte  Munch-Petersen (1937) Ceramicist. At B&G 1961-1968. Design "Ursula for RC in 1992

Valdemar Petersen (VP)

Knud Valdemar Pedersen (Petersen) (1906-1981) Ceramicist. At B&G from 1931

Edith Sonne Brun (Sonne)

Edith Sonne Bruun (1910-1993) Ceramicist. Worked at Saxbo 1938-1939 and 1946-1961. AT B&G from 1962

Agnethe Jørgensen

Alma Agnethe Jørgensen (1918 - ) Ceramicist and sculptor. AT B&G 1967-1976

Jean René Gauguin

Jean René Gauguin (1881 Paris - 1961) Sculptor. Signing artist at B&G 1923-1961

BG4023KaiNielsenMark.jpg (19812 byte) BG7188TrineDreyer.jpg (78463 byte) BG0432L-LindahlBisonb.jpg (49457 byte)   BG7576MBogildGrip.jpg (114390 byte)BGMB608.jpg (34981 byte)
Kai Nielsen

Kai Nielsen (1882-1924) Sculptor. Did work for both RC and B&G

Trine Drejer - Trine Dreyer L. Lindahl

Lotte Lindahl () Ceramicist and painter. At B&G 1902-1946

Sven Bovin Mogens Bøggild

Mogens Kruse Bøggild (1901-1987) Sculptor. Associated with B&G during 1943-1959

BG7060BoHegedal.jpg (77813 byte) BGCeledonDog.jpg (71102 byte) CHR.PoulsenBG1940-1945.jpg (56998 byte) BG5819LisaEnqvist23cmb.jpg (31815 byte)

 BGA.Wolfsen1910-1928.jpg (152098 byte)

Bo Hegedahl Søren Brunø. B&G figurine

BG-H340Bruunoe.jpg (119053 byte)

Chr Poulsen

Christian Theodor Poulsen (1911-1991) Ceramicist. At B&G 1940 - 1945

Lisa Engqvist

Hedvig Elisabeth (Lisa) Birgitte Engqvist (1914-1989) At  Saxbo35-37, 52-54. At B&G 1965-1970

A. Wolfsen

Hans Ancher Wolffsen (1870-1924) Worked 1910 - 1928 at Bing & grondahl.

BG2405FOMark.jpg (205362 byte) BG-Kamel-HS-1927.jpg (55812 byte) QuistgaardFlamestoneTekande.jpg (106392 byte) BG1502DJSign.jpg (47687 byte) BG1614LM.jpg (17928 byte)
Emil Petersen HS Hans Syborg (1895 - 1979) Sculptor at B&G 1920-1922 ?? Signed piece from 1927 Jens Harald Quistgaard Dansk Design Denmark IHQ Dahl Jensen Ingeborg Plockross Irminger
BG-2H-34-GW-Ugle6.jpg (149441 byte) BG464StnewareSignature.jpg (664179 byte)
GW Gunnar Westmann 1915-1985 ?


1st or 2nd Quality or worse

1. eller 2. sortering eller det der er værre !

If a piece of Copenhagen porcelain did not live 100% up to the standard of quality when it comes to decoration, coloring and the surface of the glaze. it was sold as 2nd factory products in the outlet store of the factory. Being 2nd quality was shown by making a scratch over the stamp, which can be felt by the tip of a nail or seen from the right angle. On these pieces actually sold it can be hard to determine a certain cause of it being a 2nd. Insignificant flaws can be: alternative turnout of the color in stronger or weaker nuances as intended; illegible dots in the glaze, blurring the color of the sharp edges etc.

Some of the 2nd factory items have visible flaws which always should be mentioned in a sales context: That would be misplaced color or discolorations under the glaze. Dots from coal dust from the firing process. Bubbles and holes in the glaze. Firing flaws - often seen at the base and the attachments - especially larger and old pieces. This kind of flaws are born with the item, which on rare pieces can be acceptable if it does not harm the overall impression of the item.  

Other flaws that so to speak had happened to the item during the years are less acceptable and has nothing to do with an item being a 2nd quality:  A hairline is a thin crack line in the glaze. The glaze can be crackled. The overglaze colors and gold can be worn due to age and use and an item can have been restored after breakage or chips.

Hvis et stykke dansk porcelæn ikke levede 100% op til de strenge kvalitetskrav m.h.t. til dekoration, farver og overfladeglasur, blev det solgt i fabriksudsalget som 2. sortering og der blev lavet en ridse i glasuren hen over stemplet i bunden, som kan mærkes med en negl eller ses i den rigtige vinkel.  Som udgangspunkt er det vanskeligt at pege på en bestemt årsag til en almindelig 2. sortering. Ubetydelige fejl kan være fejlfarve, stærkere eller svagere end tænkt; gennemsigtige prikker i glasuren; udflydninger af farven på skarpe kanter etc. 

Visse auktionsfirmaer, der sælger porcelæn på Internettet under loven om fjernsalg, vil hævde at 2. sortering dækker alle mulige og umulige fejl. Dette er stik imod både historiske fakta og praksis hos Royal Copenhagen den dag i dag. Synlige fejl som et stykke i 2. eller andre sorteringer kan være "født" med bør nævnes og kan betegnes som følger: Misfarvninger i dekorationen under glasuren. Pletter fra støv under brændingen. Bobler og gnister i glasuren. Huller i glasuren. Brændingsfejl - ses ofte som revner ved sammenføjninger - især på store eller gamle figurer. En hårrevne er en tynd revne i glasuren. Krakeleringer i glasuren. Slid på overglasur guldbelægninger. En sådan angivelse er særlig vigtig, hvis det skæmmer helhedsindtrykket ved f. eks at præge hele flader, front eller ansigter.

BG1554.jpg (17005 byte) BG1580EJ.jpg (39953 byte)BG2417Inuit11.5cm2nd.jpg (60624 byte)



* Bing & Grondahl Christmas Plates: The first 100 years By Pat Owen 1995
* S.E.Vingedal: Porslinsmärken, Forum 1982 (Swedish)
B&G Figurines  1500- 1699 B&G Figurines 1700-1799 B&G Figurines 1800 - 1999 B&G Figurines 2000-2199  B&G Figurines 2200 -2399 B&G Figurines 2400 - 2600 B&G overglaze figurines
B&G Figurer 1500-1799 B&G Figurer 1700-1799 B&G Figurer 1800 - 1999 B&G Figurer 2000-2199  B&G Figurer 2200 -2399 B&G Figurer  2400 - 2600 B &G figurer i overglasur


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This is a dynamic site - constantly under development  - please mail your questions, corrections and suggestion - they will be taken seriously. I also welcome any photos of signatures or examples.

Do you like what you see at these pages? In the future we would like to be able to create a site that will be an inspiration to collectors all over the world. We would like to make more theme pages based on artists or motives. Also we intend to generate and translate more information about Danish Porcelain Artists, markings, dating and the different china patterns. Please consider supporting this project by sponsoring a few minutes work by contributing a small donating.

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Mogens Andersen 1916 -2003
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Jens Jakob Bregnø 1877-1946
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Sterett-Gittings Kelsey 1941
Søren Kongstrand 1872-1951
Bo Kristiansen 1944-1991
Karl Kristoffersen 1943-
Arnold Krog 1856-1931
Knud Kyhn 1880-1969
Karl Larsen 1897-1977
Gudrun Lauesen 1917-
Carl F. Liisberg 1860-1909
Svend Lindhart 1898-1989
Axel Locher 1879-1941
Steen Lykke Madsen 1937
Theodor Madsen 1880-1965
Arno Malinowski 1899-1976
Ellen Malmer 1942-
Carl Martin-Hansen 1877-1941
Gudrun Meedom 1915-
Grethe Meyer 1918-
Louis Moe 1857 - 1945
Jørgen Mogensen 1927-
Malene Müllertz 1949-
Jais Nielsen 1885-1961
Kai Nielsen 1882-1924
Patrick Nordström 1870 -1929
Karl Otto Johansen 1918-
Valdemar Pedersen 1906-1981
Platen-Hallermund 1875-1965
Ingeborg Plockross-Irminger
Erik Reiff 1923
Ebbe Sadolin 1900-1982
Axel Salto 1889-1961
Snorre Stephensen 1943-
Eva Stæhr-Nielsen 1911-1976
Hans Tegner 1853-1932
Christian Thomsen 1860-1921
Nils Thorsson 1898-1975
Georg Thylstrup 1884 - 1930
Gertrud Vasegaard 1913-2007
Siegfried Wagner 1874 - 1952
Ivan Weiss 1946-
Claire Weiss 1906
Bjørn Wiinblad 1918-2006
Bode Willumsen 1895-1989
Bode Willumsen 1895-1989
Dansk design bøger
Wagner Chess set
H. C. Andersen


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