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RCM106Stan.jpg (49585 byte)

Royal Copenhagen Commemorative & Christmas Plates 1910-1914 Page 3

RCM050.jpg (54935 byte)


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THEME: Copenhagen collector and Christmas plates. Overview with images. Click on photo to see large image. (Copyright).  TEMA:  Jule- og mindeplatter fra Royal Copenhagen, Aluminia og B&G . Oversigt med billeder - klik på billedet for at se større billede. (Copyright

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105 RCC1910JulenJ.jpg (61030 byte) RC-1910 (RC-CM105): Christmas plate. The adoration of the Magi. Inscription: JULEN 1910. Designed by Christian Thomsen. Also issued with text in English (CHRISTMAS) , French (NOEL), German (WEIHNACHTEN) and Czech (VANOCE) .   RC-1910 (RC-CM105):  De hellige tre konger tilbedende barnet. Design: Christian Thomsen
1910 106 RCM106Stan.jpg (49585 byte) TWO Greenlanders. Inscription: DANMARK EKSPEDITIONEN 1906-1908. HENDRIK- TOBIAS. Designed by Harald Moltke. 5 copies. 12.25”.  
1910 107 RCM107PZ.jpg (106106 byte) Mother nursing her child. Inscription: WOHLFARTSTELLER 1910 SAUGLINGS UND MUT- TERFÜRSORGE. (welfare plate, baby- and mother care) Comm. by the Grand duchess of Hessen in Germany. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 480 copies. 6.75”  
1910 108 Please send image West Indian landscape with woman and child. Inscription: ALIOS JUVANDO IPSI GAUDEMUS (By helping others we make ourselves happy) and the year MCMX. Above face to face monogram L (Queen Louise). Comm. by the West Indian Church- and kindergarten fund under protection of the Queen. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 251 copies. 8" .  
1910 109 RCM109DKF.jpg (30366 byte) Woman with boy carrying a sword surrounded by border with lions and hearts, the initials D.K.F. and the year 1910. Comm. by Danish Women Association for the Defense of Denmark, founded 1907. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 2423 copies. 6”.  
1910 110 RCM110X.jpg (63359 byte) Aircraft over sailing ship in Copenhagen roads. Inscription: ROBERT SVENDSEN KJØBENHAVN 17. JULI 1910 MALMØ. Comm. by the aeronautical society to commemorate the flight from Copenhagen to Malmø. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 251 copies. 7.75”.  
1911 111 RCC1911JulSmall.jpg (57236 byte) Christmas plate. Snow covered landscape with a lake, trees and church; starlit sky. Inscription: JUL 1911. Designed by Stephan Ussing. This plate was rejected and withdrawn, however about 120 copies came on the market. 6”.  
1911 112 RCC1911Jula.jpg (70660 byte) RC-1911 (RC-CM112): Christmas plate. Wooden fence with sheaf of corn, in the background snow landscape with church. Inscription: JUL 1911. Designed by Oluf Jensen. 6.75”. Also issued with text in English, French, German and Czech   RC-1911 (RC-CM112): Juleplatte Gærde med neg. Designed by: Oluf Jensen
1911 113 RCM113.jpg (32935 byte) The building belonging to the association of commercial travelers, in a border of flowers. Below a Mercury staff. Inscription: HANDELSREJSENDEFORENINGEN AF 1886. 1911 PAASKE LØRDAG (Easter Eve), the latter date and year indicating the opening of the building. Designed by Bent Hellweg-Moller. 812 copies. 7.75”.  
1911 114 RCM114-1909.jpg (44682 byte) Commemorative plate for bishop Thomas Skat Rordam with portrait in profile. Round the border ornamental motif and four medallions with the years 1832 and 1909, the monogram T.S.R. and a cross. Designed by Bent Helweg-Moller. 201 copies. 7.75”.  
1911 115 RCM115X.jpg (86999 byte) Racing boats in the Sound. In the background the Middelgrund fortress. Comm. by the racing-boat club in Copenhagen. Designed by Bent Helweg-Møller. 174 copies. 7.75”.  
1911 116 RCM116Rex.jpg (35826 byte) The coronation of King George V and Queen Mary of Great Britain and Ireland. Crowned monogram GM and the year MCMXI. Designed by Arnold Krog. 1936 copies 6.75”.  
1911 117 RCM117Post.jpg (38343 byte) Crowned coach horn. Inscription: TRO OG AGTSOM - MDCCXI - MCMXI. Made on occasion of the 200th anniversary (faithful and vigilant) of the Danish Postal service as a crown-institution. Designed by Oluf Jensen. 492 copies. 6”.  
1911 118-126   Carlsberg-platter. Bestilt af brygger Carl Jacobsen i anledning af 100-året for faderen J. C. Jacobsens fødsel den 2. september 1811. Fordelt som gaver fra Carl Jacobsen. Tegnet af Bent Helweg-Møller.  
1911 118 RCM118X.jpg (101779 byte) The granary of Carlsberg. Wide border formed by ears of corn. Inscription: GL. CARLSBERG (Old Carlsberg). 135 copies. 9.75”.  
1911 119 RCM119X.jpg (81425 byte) The peristyle at Carlsberg. Inscription : J. C. JACOBSEN. SØJLEGAARD PAA GL. CARLSBERG. 161 copies. 9.75”.  
1911 120 RCM120Jacobsen.jpg (40461 byte) The Carlsberg research-laboratories. Inscription: CARLSBERG; LABORATORIUM J. C. JACOBSEN 2. SEPTEMBER 1811-1911. 200 copies. 9.75”.  
1911 121 RCM121Jacobsen.jpg (52657 byte) The Neptune fountain outside Frederiksborg castle in Hillerød. The fountain was donated by brewer J.C.Jacobsen. 158 copies. 9.75”.  
1911 122 RCM122Jacobsen.jpg (57418 byte) The Palm house in the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen. Inscription: 2. SEPTEMB. 1811 - 1911 and face to face monogram JCJ. The palm house was designed and donated by J. C. Jacobsen. 137 copies. 9.75".  
1911 123 RCM123Jacobsen.jpg (53059 byte) Frederiksborg castle. The restoration of the castle after a fire in 1859 and conversion into a museum for Danish national history was financed by J. C.Jacobsen.194 copies. 9.75”.    
1911 124 RCM124Jacobsen.jpg (49466 byte) The Royal Danish Society of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen. Inscription: 1811-1911 and face to face monogram JCJ. The building was donated by the Carlsberg Foundation. 125 copies. 9.75”.  
1911 125 RCM125 (2).jpg (37890 byte) The castle-ruin Lindos on the island of Rhodes. Excavations by Christian Blinkenberg, the archeologist, 1902-05 financed by the Carlsberg Foundation. 143 copies. 9.75”.  
1911 126 RCM126-1911a.jpg (106978 byte) Face-to-face monogram J.C.J. and inscription: CARLSBERG 2DEN SEPTR. 1811-1911 in border of hop leaves. 156 copies10.25” and 575 copies 6”.  
1911 126b RCM126BLarge.jpg (142117 byte) Large 10.25"
1912 127 RCM127PZ.jpg (88161 byte) Danish Viking ship 
1912 128 RCM128c.jpg (32049 byte) Viking sounding a lure. Inscription: VÆR ØVET TIL DAAD NAAR LUREN KALDER (Be prepared to fight when the lure is sounded) 1862-1912 and K.S. (The Copenhagen rifle corps). Comm. by this corps. Designed by Bent Helweg-Møller. 375 copies. 7.75”.  
1912 129 RCC1912Julen.jpg (61170 byte) RC-1912 (RC-CM129):   To ældre folk ved bord med juletræ. Design: Christian Thomsen Christmas plate. An old couple at a table with a small Christmas tree. Inscription: JULEN 1912. Designed by Christian Thomsen. Also issued with text in English, French, German and Czech   RC-1912 (RC-CM129):   To ældre folk ved bord med juletræ. Design: Christian Thomsen
1912 130 RCM130-1912.jpg (42029 byte) Old couple sitting in a garden. Comm. on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the old people's home "Alderstrøst" belonging to the artisans' association. Inscription: HAANDVÆRKER-FORENINGENS STIFTELSE ALDERSTRØST 1862-1912. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 399 copies. 7.75”.  
1912 131 RCM131xa.jpg (29419 byte) Saint Canute' cathedral in Odense. In the foreground three swans on a lake. Below crowned monogram L (Queen Louise). Comm. by the Odense-branch of the association Louise. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 490 copies. 6.75”.  
1912 132 RCM132PZXX.jpg (81038 byte) The castle of Kalmar (Sweden). Designed by Oluf Jensen. 125 copies. 7".  
1912 133 RCM133Skagen.jpg (35563 byte) Scene from the beach at The Skaw. In the foreground a rowing boat with inscription SKAGEN (the Skaw). Designed by Arnold Krog. 139 copies. 7.75”.  
1912 134 RCM134PZ.jpg (89593 byte) Viking ship with three fork masthead, three wavy lines and fish and shields with the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish arms. Inscription: FISKERI OG MOTORUDSTILLING (Exhibition for fishery and ships' engines) KØBENHAVN 1912. Designed by Bent Helweg-Møller. 291 copies. 6”.
1912 135 RCM135X.jpg (71546 byte) Royal Danish hussar in landscape. Round the edge a garland with two cartridge pouches carrying crowned monograms F5 and FVIII (King Frederik V and King Frederik VIII). Inscription: GARDEHUSAR REGIMENTET 1762-1912. Comm. by the Royal Hussar Regiment on occasion of its 150th anniversary. Designed by Arnold Krog. 359 copies. 9.5”.  
1912 136 RCM136DKF.jpg (30748 byte) Young Viking receiving sword from a woman. Inscription: D.K.F. 1912 (Danish women's association for the defense of Denmark). Designed by Christian Thomsen. 1677 copies. 6
1912 137 RC-cm137Ja.jpg (174157 byte) RC-CM137: 1912: Crowned coronation plate made on occasion of the ascension to the throne of King Christian X and Queen Alexandrine. Face to face monogram CXA and the year 1912. Designed by Arnold Krog. 2179 copies. 9”.   RC-CM137: 1912:  Tronbestigelsen. Platte med krone og perlestaf samt spejlmonogram CXA (Christian X og Alexandrine) 1912. Design: Arnold Krog : 2179 ekspl., 23 cm
1912 138 RCM138W.jpg (38849 byte) RC-CM138, 1912 Crowned commemorative plate for King Frederik VIII. Laurel wreath in the center face to face monogram F8 and the year MCMXII. Designed by Arnold Krog. 1975 copies. 5.5”.  1912 RC-CM138, 1912 Frederk VIII.s mindeplatte. Kronet krans med spejlmonogram F8 MCMXII. Design: Arnold Krog; 1975 eks.  5 ½”, 14 cm
1912 139 RCM139.jpg (28702 byte) Negro with cart walking on a road lined with palm trees. Comm. by charities in the Danish Virgin Islands. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 424 copies. 6".  
1912 140 RCM140X.jpg (62437 byte) Peasant in his cart drawn by team of oxen on a Jutland moor. Below the town hall of Herning and inscription: HERNING 1882-1912. Comm. by the town council in Herning on occasion of the granting of municipal charter in 19I2. Designed by Oluf Jensen. 285 copies, 7.75”.    
1913 141 RCC1913Julen.jpg (67578 byte) RC-1913 (RC-CM141): Christmas plate. The tower and spire on the Marble church in Copenhagen. Inscription: JULEN 1913. Designed by Arthur Boesen. 7”. Also issued with text in English, French, German and Czech.   RC-1913 (RC-CM141):  Spiret på Marmorkirkens kuppel og julestjerne over byens tage. Design: Arthur Boesen
1913 142 RCM142.jpg (36627 byte) Landscape with trees and a Danish fjord. Inscription: 1888 D.T.F. (Danish Tourist association) 1913 and DER ER ET YNDIGT LAND (there is a lovely country), first line of one of the Danish national songs. Comm. By the association on occasion of its 25th anniversary. Designed by Oluf Jensen. 573 copies. 6.75”.  
1913 143 RCM143VorFrue.jpg (42739 byte) The westfront of the cathedral (The church of Our Lady) in Copenhagen. Comm. by the Tourist association. Designed by Bent Helweg-Møller. 163 copies. 11”.  
1913 144 RC-CM144JR.jpg (141015 byte) RC-CM144;  1913 Landscape with farm. Inscription: TIL DANMARKS ÆRE SAN FRANCISCO CAL. 1915 (To the honor of Denmark). Comm. by the Danish committee of the exhibition in San Francisco. Designed by Arnold Krog. 1197 copies. 6.75”.   RC-CM144;  1913: San Francisco – platte. Landskab med gård. I forgrunden en græssende ko. Indskrift: TIL DANMARKS ÆRE SAN FRANCISCO CAL. 1915 (jfr. kat. 155 og 157). Design: Arnold Krog , 1197 ekspl., 17,5 cm
1913 145 RCM145Tivoli.jpg (32279 byte) Imagined scene on "Tivoli" - the founder George Carstensen and the goddess Fortuna driving on the big dipper. Inscription: TIVOLIS STIFTER GEORG CARSTENSEN 1843-1913. Comm. on occasion of the garden's 70th anniversary. Designed by Christian Thomsen. 626 copies. 6.75”.  
1913 146 RCM146PZ.jpg (96709 byte) Exhibition hal1 in Landskrona (Sweden). Round the border J crowns and 2 horns of plenty. Inscription: LANDSKRONA 1413-1913. Made on occasion of the exhibition to commemorate Landskrona's 500th anniversary. Designed by Bent Helweg-Moller. 120 copies. 7.75”.  
1914 147 RCC1914Julen.jpg (84499 byte) RC-1914 (RC-CM147): Christmas plate. Sparrows in a tree in front of a lit church window (the church of the Holy Ghost in Copenhagen). Inscription: JULEN 1914. Designed by Arthur Boesen. 7". Also issued with text in English, French, German and Czech   RC-1914 (RC-CM147):  Spurve i træ foran oplyst vindue i Helligåndskirken i København. Design: Arthur Boesen
1914 148 RCM148Dybbol.jpg (28126 byte) The mill of Dybbøl with laurel wreath border. Inscription: 1864-1914 C IX and C X (the Kings Christian IX and Christian X. Made on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the battle at Dybbøl (Denmark v. Germany). Designed by Arnold Krog. 28I4 copies. 7.75”  
1914 149 RCM149PZ.jpg (105325 byte) Exhibition halls in Malmø (Sweden) and the city arms of the town. Inscription: DEN BALTISKE UDSTILLING (the Baltic exhibition) 1914. Designed by Bent Helweg-Møller. 265 copies. 7.25”.  
1914 150 RCM150Helgoland.jpg (33078 byte) The naval battle of Helgoland (Denmark v. Germany). Inscription: 1864 HELGOLAND 1914 9. MAJ. Comm. by the Navy Clubs on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the victory at Helgoland. Designed by Christian Benjamin-Olsen. 1761 copies. 7.75”.  
1914 151 RCM151PZ.jpg (80248 byte) Scene from Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Bridge over the river Main. Comm. by the firm Nic. Franz’ Nachfolger in F. a. M. Designed by Oluf Jensen. 1017 copies. 6.75”.  
1915 152 RCC1915Julen.jpg (63926 byte) RC-1915 (RC-CM152): Christmas plate. Snow covered landscape with spruce, sledge and church. Inscription: JULEN 1915. Designed by Arnold Krog. 7". Also issued with text in English, French, German and Czech.   RC-1915 (RC-CM152): Snelandskab med gran, kane og kirke. Design: Arnold Krog
1915 153 RCM153.jpg (54094 byte) Crowned face to face monogram A (Queen Alexandrine). Inscription: HVER ER SIN GAVE LIG VÆRE SIG FATTIG ELLER RIG (A gift is appreciated equally whether it comes from rich or poor). Comm. by the charity " Dronningens Juleindsamling" (The Queen' s Christmas fund). Designed by Arnold Krog. 599 copies. 7.5”.  
1915 154 RCM154X.jpg (47613 byte) Silhouette of Queen Alexandra of Great Britain and Ireland. Inscription: 1844 ALEXANDRA 1914. Made on occasion of the Queen's 70th birthday. Silhouette by Else Hasselriis. Plate designed by Arnold Krog. 929 copies. 7.75”.  
1915 155 RCM155-1915.jpg (23773 byte) Crowned mark of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, the year 1915 and inscription SAN FRANCISCO. Made on occasion of the factory's participation in the world exhibition. Designed by Arnold Krog. 557 copies. 7".  
1915 156 RCM156-1890-1915a.jpg (163988 byte) The building in Copenhagen belonging to the insurance company Haand i Haand. Inscription: HAAND I HAAND 1890-1915. Comm. for the company’s 25th anniversary. Designed by Oluf Jensen. 421 copies.   RC-CM156: 1914: Forsikringsselskabet Haand i Haands bygning i København. Indskrift: HAAND I HAAND 1890 – 1915. Bestilt til selskabets 25 års jubilæum. Design: Oluf Jensen  421 ekspl, 18 cm


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