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KongeligStentoj.jpg (19142 byte)

Scandinavian Ceramic and Art Pottery for sale

Royal Copenhagen Knud Kyhn, Salto, allier, Jorgen Mogensen, Aluminia, Saxbo, Palshus
Johannes Hedegaard 1915- 1999. A Danish ceramist and sculptor. Trained as sculptor at the Royal Copenhagen Factory 1930-1935 and at the same time educated at the Academy of fine art in Copenhagen. Worked for Royal Copenhagen from 1948-1966 and became known for his ceramic works and relief works for both Royal Copenhagen and from his own studio. His work is exhibited at the Lunds Museum, Sweden; Chicago, USA and several Danish Museums. RC21952JHa.jpg (109304 byte)
BGAndersBjergborga.jpg (96939 byte)

Bing Grondahl Art Pottery  B&G Moderne Keramik og stentøj

From the very early days of the Saxbo Pottery, where Gunnar Nylund and Nathalie Krebs founder their world famous art pottery. Green Glazed Saxbo Stoneware Vase. Measurement is 3.75" by 4" at the widest spot. Marked Saxbo under a Royal Crown or fire 11 and III. This mark were used from 1929-1931 before the yin & yang symbol of Nathalie Krebs. In mint condition.

SaxboOvn.jpg (59132 byte)

To buy this book for collectors from our online book store - please click on this link. Denmark and EU

Scandinavian Art Pottery Revised 2nd Edition. Robin Hecht Minardi Denmark and Sweden

Book Description: Scandinavian art pottery, long appreciated regionally, has enjoyed a rediscovery by international collectors over the past five years. Using almost 500 dramatic color photos, this book explores the major factories, workshops, and studios that initiated and created ceramic modernism in Scandinavia, including Royal Copenhagen, Saxbo, Kahler Keramiks, Ipsen, Gustavsberg, and Tobo. Also recounted are brief histories of Denmark and Sweden's most influential designers, including Patrick Nordstrom, Axel Salto, Nils Thorsson, Cathinka Olsen, Gertrud Vasegaard, Josef Ekberg, and Gunnar Nylund. Written by a recognized expert in the field, this long anticipated book provides well researched, up-to-date information on the factories and ceramicists that collectors are most interested in, plus accurate information on marks, dating, and updated values. Clearly photographed and written, this essential reference will provide collectors with the knowledge necessary to enhance and build unique and valuable collections of some of the finest art pottery ever created.

P.Ipsens Enke Kgl. Hof. Terracottafabrik 1843-1955 Ipsen Ceramic Art Pottery Denmark

IpsenMark2.jpg (17169 byte)

Knud Kyhn (1880-1969):

RCKnudKyhn1953Bird.jpg (100634 byte)

Svend Lindhart 1898-1989

Aluminia kunstfajance - Aluminia art faience 

Jus2328.jpg (15511 byte)

Kai Nielsen 1882-1924 BGKaiNielsenFaunWhitea.jpg (100428 byte)

To buy this book for collectors from our online book store - please click on this link. Denmark and EU

Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass
George Fischler & Barrett Gould

1940s to 1980s

During the second half of the twentieth century, Scandinavian potters and glassmakers drew on elements present in China and Japan during the period of the Sung Dynasty to produce pieces of beauty and elegance that combined subtle glazes and classical shapes. The qualities came to characterize Scandinavian design in combining the fundamentals of craftsmanship, quality, subtlety, and a relationship to the natural surroundings. With 380 color photographs to illustrate the work, this book is a must for the ceramics and glass collector as well as those who appreciate the results of a collaboration between artist and nature. Concentrating on designs produced in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland following World War II, the book presents the works of ceramics companies such as Roerstrand, Gustavsberg, Arabia, Saxbo, and Palshus, as well as the glass of Orrefors, Kosta, and Iittala. Designs by some of the greatest names in contemporary Scandinavian ceramic and glass design, including Berndt Friberg, Stig Lindberg, Gunnar Nylund, Wilhelm Koege, Edward Hald, Sven Palmqvist, Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, and Vicke Lindstrand, will be appreciated

Jeanne Grut  RC22663JGSwana.jpg (52897 byte)
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